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How Norton Motorcycles Threw Away Their Dynasty [13:47] (youtu.be)
Combat-Wounded Vets Build Badass Racing Machines on the Road to Recovery [07:16] (www.youtube.com)
Hobo in SF brings dead raccoon inside a Mcdonalds (youtu.be)
Science fiction done right by the Japanese (www.youtube.com)
For the first time ever, the UK series Taskmaster is releasing episodes to North America on YouTube the day after they air. Series 16, Episode 1 - 'The Natural Friends' | Full Episode (youtu.be)
This one if for all your crazy people out there who dislike zink! (www.youtube.com)
People in 1993 react to credit cards being accepted at a Burger King (www.youtube.com)
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Interview Meltdown (youtube.com)
Secrets Unveiled: The untold story of Benazir Bhutto - the first female prime minister of Pakistan [5:15] (youtu.be)
Everyone's favorite insects scene from King Kong (2005) (youtu.be)
How the NY Cooperage Makes Up to 100 Whiskey Barrels a Week [15:37] (www.youtube.com)
Kobra snake inside an Indian man's shirt (youtu.be)
Nixon & Kennedy | How to Use Television to Control People (2023) - Covers the First Televised Presidential Debate and Surrounding Television Usage [12:32] (youtu.be)
Old Man Reacts to "Broken Chains," A Warhammer 40K Tale Where Crixus Settles a Score With His Former World Eaters Sergeant [34:06] (www.youtube.com)
Glen or Glenda | A review of a bizarre Ed Wood film about transvestism, from the 1950s. It's filled with sexism and racism that comically confounds the message of equality. [24:23] (youtu.be)
Armenia vs. Azerbaijan: Unpacking the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict [13:07] (youtu.be)
Heart with a mind-blowing live performance on The Midnight Special in 1977 - not every TV show made bands lip-synch. Ann's voice is just incredible! (www.youtube.com)
Is the Gun Show Loophole Really Closed Now? [10:21] (youtu.be)
What Red Hot Chili Peppers sound like to people who don't like Red Hot Chili Peppers (www.youtube.com)
As a follow up to "why modern movies suck," this has been a problem for a long time as The Critic showed us thirty years ago (youtu.be)
Extremely rare video of London during WWII (youtu.be)
Blink-182 - ONE MORE TIME (Blink just released this masterpiece that brings back so much nostalgia if you grew up with them) (www.youtube.com)
How Did Egyptians Build the Pyramids? The Ramp Theory: Dr. Mark Lehner [9:20] (youtube.com)
*NSYNC Breaks Another Record While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones (www.youtube.com)
PRINCE OF PERSIA: ASSASSINS - How a Tech Demo Created Assassin's Creed [13:41] (www.youtube.com)
Mythbuster's Jamie Hyneman + Hydraulic Press man in a 10 minute advert doing their thing (www.youtube.com)
Who Are The Adeptus Mechanicus? Warhammer 40K Lore With Warrior Tier [10:54] (www.youtube.com)
Mother (with Sinéad O’Connor) - Roger Waters - Pink Floyd - The Wall (1990) (www.youtube.com)
Vietnam’s Đông Tảo Chicken Millionaire - Farmer Tells All (youtu.be)
Garry Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld Green Room Talk (www.youtube.com)
Funny Frenchman's Japanese Food Stall - Street Food フランス人シェフのフレンチ屋台 レミさんち 福岡 Escargot & Quiche YATAI [14:43] (www.youtube.com)
Invisible Skateboard Scene from "Yeah Right" Breakdown (www.youtube.com)
Tribal People Try Texas State Dishes For The First Time (I genuinely dig these guys) (www.youtube.com)
Alaskan Senator Candidate starts Schizoposting and attempts to “chat” with a 13 year old girl [12:48] (youtu.be)
Nostalgic Chain Stores That Weren’t As Good As You Remember [14:01] (youtu.be)
[24:02] Friendlyjordies explains why it's not weird to think about the Roman Empire (www.youtube.com)
The Search for Meaning: Blood Simple (1984) and No Country for Old Men (2007) [6:56] (youtu.be)
Siskel & Ebert review an animated Batman film years after its release because they felt they dropped the ball by not recommending an excellent animated film to both adults and kids (youtu.be)
Does Fresh Garlic actually taste better than Garlic in a Jar? [43:53] (www.youtube.com)
A very nicely-edited dive into the many ways to lose Takeshi's Challenge, a bad but fascinating video game. [13:59] (www.youtube.com)
[07:00] Why was this ad REMOVED ? A deep dive into the world of TV advertisement in Morocco (www.youtube.com)
[9:56] Why The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Failed - A 1.2 BILLION DOLLAR DISASTER (youtu.be)
The switch into voodoo people around 3:40 is probably the most crowd pumping transition Ive ever heard (www.youtube.com)
The Good (And The Terrible) of Staying at The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas [16:24] (youtu.be)
Biohacker produces artificial chicken soup and has people blind taste test them against the real thing [22:47] (www.youtube.com)
Sesame Street: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert: [15:47] (www.youtube.com)
I recreated the Eras Tour in a parking lot [26:42] (youtu.be)
How To Establish Your Brand as An Author (Alice The Author) [26:00] (www.youtube.com)
Helicopter Main Rotor Blade In Flight Slow Motion (www.youtube.com)
8-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Challenges 79-Year-Old British Chess Champion (www.youtube.com)
In Defence of Breaking Dawn Part 2 [37:36] (youtu.be)
Local woman did the research and figured out why a parking garage collapsed. (youtu.be)
People need to know this, Fifteen years later, Shell continues to illegally destroy and kill communities in Nigeria. (www.youtube.com)
Method Man and Black Thought freestyling on Sway and absolutely annihilating it (youtu.be)
Youtube Held the MrBeast Team Accountable for not following Creative Common License rules (www.youtube.com)
Sesame Street Counting song broken down with music theory (www.youtube.com)
Trial of the fool hitless (Hollow Knight) [8:16] (www.youtube.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Incredible description from man “Taking a shave” in his shower as he describes missing F-35 flying over his house in South Carolina (www.youtube.com)
"I am the very model of a modern Major General" - From a 1983 production of The Pirates of Penzance (performed in Central Park) (www.youtube.com)
Inside Success: Achieving Greatness In Real Estate[38:50] (youtu.be)
Space Olympics - Lonely Island Music Video (youtu.be)
Shiver My Timbers - the epic opening scene from "Muppet Treasure Island" (1996) (youtu.be)
How did Hiroshima Rebuild, and Where did the radiation go? [25:41] (www.youtube.com)
Don't Speed When You're Trafficking 160,000 Fentanyl Pills, Marijuana and a Kilogram of Heroin (www.youtube.com)
After John Green's video last week about Danaher's TB test, they have agreed to sell it at cost to the Global Fund. (youtu.be)
The Most Atrocious Anti-Abortion Propaganda Movie (Movie Review) [53:22] (youtube.com)
What INCEPTION Is Really About [38:08] (youtu.be)
Why My Parents Tried To Kill Me | Minutes With (youtu.be)
Oprah asks the ninja turtles if they wish April was a turtle and their answers terrify the lil' kids (www.youtube.com)
Students caught handing out 'N-word passes' at school (www.youtube.com)
[6:20] How the Belgians officials, American CIA, and English MI6 Assassinated Lumumba, following the political struggle around Congo's independence and Mobutu's coup NSFW (youtu.be)
The old viral Charlie the Unicorn cartoon was expanded over the years into a mini-series, with a finale that tied a surprising amount of it together (www.youtube.com)
Scottish mountain biker bumps in to King Charles III while out on a ride (www.youtube.com)
Certain names are banned in Australia, but what happens if one is used is unclear, so a reporter named her newborn "Methamphetamine Rules" to find out (youtu.be)
GeoWizard gets a near-perfect score on Geoguessr's hardest format (10 seconds per round, no moving) (youtu.be)
San Jose woman loses limbs battling bacterial infection from tilapia (youtu.be)
Can a n****a borrow a pencil? - Boondocks insporation (www.youtube.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
[65:01] This was an amazing interview with LucasArts and Monkey Island legend Dave Grossman. Well worth a listen. (open.spotify.com)
The 90's: when kids could fly around on their sky pucks and shoot metal sky balls (www.youtube.com)
In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, here's the greatest cheeseburger song of all time (from Veggietales) (www.youtube.com)
City 2 Beach in 20 Minutes - Exploring Athens Greece Tram Network [Silent Vlog] [10:37] (www.youtube.com)
"Is the US Headed Towards Civil War?"- TED Talk from a member of the CIA Task Force aimed at predicting it. (www.youtube.com)
Andor is perhaps the greatest piece of Star Wars media in the last 20 or so years (youtu.be)
How languages steal words from each other [5:04] (youtu.be)
How languages steal words from each other - Tom Scott (www.youtube.com)
Laverne & Shirley Opening Theme Song With Lyrics(Best Version On Youtube) (youtube.com)
How a planetary gear hybrid electronic continuous variable transmission (ECVT) works (www.youtube.com)
"Waking Dogs, A World Eaters Tale," A Warhammer 40K Audio Drama About a World Eater Traitor Space Marine Who Has Had Enough [15:35] (www.youtube.com)
The time Beyonce had a chance to name all 4 girls in Destiny's Child while improvising but instead said her own name 4 times (youtu.be)
Information video to Westerners driving to Berlin through East Germany. (www.youtube.com)
Lead singer of Disturbed comforts a scared young fan (youtu.be)
Slackliners Continue to do things that blow my mind (especially the Free-Solo walks) (www.youtube.com)
One of the best scenes in a movie ever (Clerks Berserker) (youtu.be)
4 years ago I received a comment on a song I uploaded to YouTube. It was from a high school student: "I have an urge to make an animation of this". I said "Please do!"... and forgot about it. 6 months later he sent me this. It went on to be nominated for dozens of awards across the country! (www.youtube.com)
An Inside Look Into The Fentanyl Epidemic [50:22] (youtube.com)
Eating VS Burning Off A Big Mac (Science Explained) (youtu.be)
New video shows the iconic Lahaina Banyan tree coming back to life! (youtu.be)
An updated Wealth Inequality in America video that's visualized. (youtu.be)
Close-up Ignition of a Rocket Engine in Slow Mo (youtu.be)
Jago Sevitarian- Understanding Warhammer 40K Lore With The Amber King [45:10] (www.youtube.com)
Russell Brand behaving in an extremely normal manner on the Jimmy Fallon show (www.youtube.com)
Gary Portnoy, the original performer and co-writer for the theme song to "Cheers", decides to sing whilst in quarantine during early 2020 (www.youtube.com)
When You Really Want to Meet the Diversity Requirements (youtu.be)
Beautiful Dresden before its destruction at the end of WWII in color [12:02] (youtu.be)
July, 2010 interview with Leeann Tuohy of The Blind Side fame on Good Morning America, discusses "raising her 3 children" (2 biological + Michael Oher) on adopting and whether she would adopt again. (www.youtube.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Tapping the Ceremonial First Beer Fass at the 188th Munich Oktoberfest Today (youtube.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Dance With Somebody (youtube.com)
Ho Scale Model Train Crashes, Derailments and Fails in Slow Motion - Diecast Car Crashes in 1000 FPS (youtu.be)
GoPro Awards: World's Longest Wingsuit Proximity Flight | Mont Blanc, Fr... (youtube.com)
The Reality of Adulting: 5 Things NOBODY Tells You [8:19] (youtu.be)
How Instant Gratification is Ruining Your Life [8:03] (youtu.be)
“I’m not good at anything”: Why you’re 100% WRONG [8:43] (youtu.be)
Huge king cobra snake attacks woman while she cooks dinner in Thailand (www.youtube.com)
Neymar Jr & Tai Lung: The Weight of Expectations [31:08] (youtu.be)
Death Breathers- The Horrors (Unofficial Warhammer 40K Audio Drama) [19:37] (www.youtube.com)
The Paul McCartney Death Hoax: A Deep Dive Into The 1966 Rumors! (www.youtube.com)
Frasier Crane's "Nightmare Inn" - a radio play that quickly goes off the rails (www.youtube.com)
Whenever I'm feeling down, I like to listen to this song. (youtube.com)
USS Wyoming US Navy Sailor at Captain's Mast. Non-judicial punishment hearing. (www.youtube.com)
Apache Hate The Ruthless Blood Feud Between Mexico and the Apache [18:22] (youtu.be)
Unity Software Faces Mass Outrage & Revolt From Devs After Charging Fees Per Game Install… (youtube.com)
When you are curious about knowing why she can slap. (youtu.be)
Star Trek TNG: Picard must deal with a rogue captain and the conflict of principles vs actions on the brink of war (www.youtube.com)
Your Pets as Humans Past Reincarnation TV Commercial for 900 Telephone Number (www.youtube.com)
Addressing the Blackrock/Vanguard Situation [17:10] (youtu.be)