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1. 欢迎来到《守望先锋》 2- videogamedunkey

Welcome to Overwatch 2- videogamedunkey (youtu.be)

2. 暴力之夜 - 官方预告片

Violent Night - Official Trailer (youtu.be)

3. 为什么比利时有世界上最好的薯条?

Why Belgium Has The World’s Best Fries (www.youtube.com)

4. Skype是如何将10年的领先地位拱手让给Zoom的 [09:42]

How Skype blew a 10-year lead to Zoom [09:42] (youtu.be)

5. 黑道家族》(The Sopranos)。最后一幕分析 [27:26]

The Sopranos: Final Scene Analysis [27:26] (youtu.be)

6. 埃塞克斯男孩:2名农民偶然发现了英国最臭名昭著的黑帮袭击案的后遗症。[30:00] (NSFW)

The Essex Boys: 2 Farmers stumbled upon the after math of the most infamous gangland hit in the UK. [30:00] (youtu.be)

7. 金正日今天意外地去世了。在这里,他正在做他的一幅巨大的、令人难以置信的想象中的画。

Kim Jung Gi passed away today unexpectedly. Here he is doing one of his enormous, incredible drawings from imagination (www.youtube.com)

8. 美国军方的大规模全球运输系统 [18:14]

The US Military’s Massive Global Transportation System [18:14] (www.youtube.com)

9. 手机游戏是如何设计来骗取你的钱财的?[22:12]

How Mobile Games are designed to scam you? [22:12] (youtu.be)

10. 修理机场跑道的通宵比赛 [11:27]

The All-Night Race to Fix an Airport Runway [11:27] (www.youtube.com)

11. 历史上最长的劫持事件--181航班和红军派 [33:25]

The Longest Hijacking in History - Flight 181 and the Red Army Faction [33:25] (youtu.be)

12. 欧洲的高速公路贴纸骗局再次曝光

Europe's Highway Sticker scam exposed again (www.youtube.com)

13. 鉴于亚伦-贾奇的成就,我提交一个永远不会被打破的记录。2:24:00(秘书处,1973年贝尔蒙特赛马场)

In light of Aaron Judge's accomplishment, I submit a record that will never be broken. 2:24:00 (Secretariat, 1973 Belmont Stakes) (youtu.be)

14. 戈雅的黑色画作 [16:54] (NSFW)

The Black Paintings by Goya [16:54] (youtu.be)

15. 海克斯女孩(珍妮弗-海尔、金伯利-布鲁克斯、简-维德林)--"我是海克斯女孩",4K高清重制版|来自他们1999年在 "史酷比和女巫的幽灵 "中的首次亮相。

The Hex Girls (Jennifer Hale, Kimberly Brooks, Jane Wiedlin) - "I'm a Hex Girl", remastered in 4K HD | from their 1999 debut in "Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost" (www.youtube.com)

16. 火焰人和Cosplay贫困的财富爱好(从4分5秒开始) [18:15]

Burning man and the wealthy hobby of cosplaying poverty (starting at 4 min 5 sec) [18:15] (youtu.be)

17. 珠穆朗玛峰--你认识的最白的孩子

Mount Everest - Whitest Kids U Know (youtu.be)

18. 守望先锋2》不允许使用预付费手机的人进行游戏

Overwatch 2 won't allow people with pre-paid phones to play (youtu.be)

19. 大金刚乡村音乐SNES - Gang-Plank Galleon

Donkey Kong Country Music SNES - Gang-Plank Galleon (youtu.be)

20. 如何正确下棋

how to play chess properly (www.youtube.com)

21. 简易奶油蘑菇酱|大厨Jean Pierre

Easy Creamy Mushroom Sauce | Chef-Jean Pierre (www.youtube.com)

22. 猎杀马丁-鲍曼 - 第四集:两个坟墓的故事 [19:30]

The Hunt For Martin Bormann - Episode 4: A Tale of Two Graves [19:30] (www.youtube.com)

23. 让我们去宇宙中最极端的地方旅行 [12:45]

Let’s Travel to The Most Extreme Place in The Universe [12:45] (www.youtube.com)

24. AI图像生成器如何工作(稳定扩散/Dall-E) - Computerphile [17:49]

How AI Image Generators Work (Stable Diffusion / Dall-E) - Computerphile [17:49] (www.youtube.com)

25. 2000年的CGI峰值;《黑道家族》在一名主要演员死亡后的解决方案

Peak 2000's CGI; "The Sopranos" solution after a major cast member died (www.youtube.com)

26. 我完全用AI和记事本制作了一个音乐视频。你也可以! (Beverly Blues - Opia)

I made a music video entirely using AI and notepad. You can too! (Beverly Blues - Opia) (www.youtube.com)

27. 死亡空间》重制版游戏预告片4K (2023)

DEAD SPACE REMAKE Gameplay Trailer 4K (2023) (www.youtube.com)

28. 喀里多尼亚但有僵尸的声音

Karens But With Zombie Noises (www.youtube.com)

29. 气候变化。无尽的夏天 [6:53]

Climate Change: The Endless Summer [6:53] (youtu.be)

30. 我正在用辛迪-劳博尔的曲子 "Time After Time "演奏......我非常喜欢它,以至于我的眼睛在一分钟后就闭上了,并且一直闭着。

Just jamming around with the Cyndi Lauper tune "Time After Time" ... getting into it so much that my eyes close a minute in and stay shut :D (www.youtube.com)

31. 如何与明尼苏达人交谈 - 1992年 [26:39]

How To Talk Minnesotan - 1992 [26:39] (youtu.be)

32. 塔帕蒂奥如何从洛杉矶的主食变成全国范围内的最爱?

How Tapatío went from an LA staple to a nationwide favorite (youtu.be)

33. 这个啄木鸟在破坏我的房子时被拍到。

This pecker was caught on camera vandalizing my house. (youtu.be)

34. 罗恩-怀特-飓风

Ron White - Hurricane (www.youtube.com)

35. "这钱是我的。"

"The money is mine." (youtu.be)

36. 宇宙中最极端的地方

The most extreme place in the universe (youtu.be)

37. 油漆和涂料之间有什么区别?[14:23]

What's the Difference Between Paint and Coatings? [14:23] (www.youtube.com)

38. 飓风伊恩袭击迈尔斯堡海滩的15英尺风暴潮的延时摄影。

Timelapse of the 15ft Storm Surge from Hurrican Ian hitting Ft. Myers beach (youtu.be)

39. 多伦多如何对汽车上瘾 [17:00]

How Toronto Got Addicted to Cars [17:00] (youtu.be)

40. 俄亥俄州克利夫兰市钓鱼比赛中的作弊事件,获奖者被发现在鱼体内塞了砝码

Cheating Drama at the Cleveland, Ohio Fishing Tourney as the winners are revealed to have stuffed weights inside their fish (youtu.be)

41. 关于帕吉斯坦邦猖獗的恋童癖的令人心碎的纪录片

Gut wrenching documentary on rampant pedophilia in pakisthan (www.youtube.com)

42. 免于观看电影《金发女郎》,如果你想知道原因,这里有一个破坏性的评论,解释了影片对玛丽莲-梦露生活的松散解释所带来的所有历史错误信息、对受害者的指责和肤浅的看法[14:47] 。

Spare yourself of watching the movie 'Blonde', and if you want to know why, here's a spoiler review, explaining all the historical misinformation, victim-blaming and superficiality the film brings to its loose interpretation of Marilyn Monroe's life [14:47] (www.youtube.com)

43. 伏特加如何毁了俄罗斯 [09:47]

How Vodka ruined Russia [09:47] (youtube.com)

44. 洛雷塔-林恩和杰克-怀特于2004年在 "大卫-莱特曼晚间秀 "上表演。

Loretta Lynn and Jack White perform on "Late Show with David Letterman" in 2004 (www.youtube.com)

45. 英国的情况并不乐观 [11:05]

Things Aren't Looking Great for the UK [11:05] (www.youtube.com)

46. 黑帮党路线

Gangster Party Line (www.youtube.com)

47. 2021年,SNL也被抓到从喜剧播客Cum Town那里偷了一个片段。

In 2021 SNL got caught stealing a bit from comedy podcast Cum Town as well. (www.youtube.com)

48. 雅虎聊天室是个坏地方|怀旧书呆子 [28:13]

Yahoo Chat is the Bad Place | Nostalgia Nerd [28:13] (www.youtube.com)

49. 为什么双簧管如此昂贵

Why oboes are so expensive (www.youtube.com)

50. SloMo伙计们用子弹发射子弹

SloMo Guys Fire a bullet with a bullet (www.youtube.com)

51. 熊闯入汽车,田纳西州加特林堡市

Bear Breaks into Car, Gatlinburg TN (youtu.be)

52. 有史以来拍摄的最好的食物。李安的《饮食男女》。

The best food ever filmed. Ang Lee's "Eat Drink Man Woman". (youtu.be)

53. 雄性鸵鸟 "蓬勃发展"

Male Ostrich "booming" (www.youtube.com)

54. 澳大利亚喜剧演员Luke Kidgell应对美国人的嘲笑

Aussie comedian Luke Kidgell deals with an American heckler (youtu.be)

55. 我如何烹饪我的2美元牛排 [19:54]

how I cook my $2 steak [19:54] (youtu.be)

56. Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" (09/05/95)

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" (09/05/95) (www.youtube.com)

57. 石庙朝圣者 - Plush 我看到这段视频后,立即出门去买了这张专辑。我买过的第一张CD。

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush I saw this video and immediately went out to grab the album. First CD I ever bought. (youtu.be)

58. 从飞机上看喜马拉雅山

Himalayas from an airplane (youtu.be)

59. 老人做钻头说唱--不知不觉中打了一巴掌--彼得和巴斯

Old men do drill rap - Somehow it slaps - Pete & Bas (www.youtube.com)

60. Sam O'Nella - 动物的科学名称从何而来 [9:40]

Sam O' Nella - Where Animals' Scientific Names Come From [9:40] (www.youtube.com)

61. 动物的科学名称从何而来 - 萨姆-奥内拉学院

Where Animals Scientific Names Come From - Sam O'Nella Academy (youtu.be)

62. 媒体是否使大规模枪击事件变得更加严重?

Are the Media Making Mass Shootings Worse? (www.youtube.com)

63. Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny - Shadows & Light [Folk, Fusion, Soft Rock] (1979)

Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny - Shadows & Light [Folk, Fusion, Soft Rock] (1979) (youtu.be)

64. 辛普森悖论--统计学出了问题?

Simpson's Paradox - Statistics gone wrong? (www.youtube.com)

65. 黑手党但他们是清醒的

The Mafia But They're Woke (www.youtube.com)

66. 雄性信天翁为生活而配对 | 冰冻星球II | BBC地球

Male albatrosses pair for life | Frozen Planet II | BBC Earth (www.youtube.com)

67. 在日本的一个小镇上步行到海边

Walking to the sea in a small Japanese town (youtu.be)

68. 被盗的乌克兰粮食为普京的战争机器提供燃料 [5:34]

Stolen Ukrainian Grain fueling Putin's War Machine [5:34] (youtu.be)

69. 俄罗斯会不会崩溃,所有的帝国都一样吗:与彼得-波梅兰采夫面对面 [36:13]

Can Russia collapse and are all empires the same: Face to Face with Peter Pomerantsev [36:13] (www.youtube.com)

70. SNL偷了乔尔的视频创意

SNL stole Joel's video idea (youtu.be)

71. 对名言(以眼还眼使世界失明)的更深刻的见解 - 实用智慧

A deeper insight on the famous Quote (An eye for an eye makes the world blind) - Practical Wisdom (www.youtube.com)

72. 尼科-迪克--你认识的最白的孩子

Nic o Dic - The Whitest Kids U Know (youtu.be)

73. 汤姆-斯科特:我终于找到了一个有用的单轨列车。

Tom Scott: I finally found a useful monorail. (youtu.be)

74. 美国军方承包的焚烧坑无人问津|被忽视的问题

The U.S. Military Contracted Burn Pits No One Is Talking About | Overlooked (youtube.com)

75. 2400年前波斯人如何在沙漠中制造冰块

How Persians made ice in the desert 2400 years ago (youtu.be)

76. [07:41] Al Farabi - 第二位大师

[07:41] Al Farabi - The Second Master (youtu.be)

77. 为什么一切都变成了Uber?[17:17]

Why is Everything Turning into Uber? [17:17] (youtu.be)

78. 橡皮擦是如何制成的

How Erasers Are Made (www.youtube.com)

79. 国际象棋戏剧--汉斯-尼曼(Hans Niemann)(肛珠争议)通过在22步内赢得一盘没有擒杀的棋而成为特级大师。汉斯有93%的准确率,没有任何不准确、错误或失误。[14:50]

Chess drama - Hans Niemann (anal beads controversy) became a grandmaster by winning a game in 22 moves that had NO CAPTURES. Hans had 93% accuracy and has no inaccuracies, mistakes or blunders. [14:50] (www.youtube.com)

80. 哥伦布之前是如何发现美洲的 [17:43]

How America was discovered before Columbus [17:43] (youtu.be)

81. 死侍2》在公布前几年就透露了《死侍3》的情节

Deadpool 2 revealed the plot of Deadpool 3 years before its annoucement (www.youtube.com)

82. 一项简单的人类任务,对机器人来说却异常艰难 [20:04]

A simple human task that's insanely hard for a robot [20:04] (youtu.be)

83. 已故的迈克尔-布鲁克斯早在2020年1月就采访了巴西前总统卢拉-达席尔瓦。这时,卢拉刚刚出狱(他在那里被关押的指控后来被裁定为无效),而在他目前的竞选活动中,他还没有重新上任[34:08] 。

The late Michael Brooks interviews former Brazilian President Lula da Silva back in January, 2020. This was just after Lula had been released from prison (where he was held on charges later ruled as invalid), and two years before his current campaign to return to office [34:08] (www.youtube.com)

84. 在地球上最孤立的房子里的50个小时 [22:47]

50 Hours in the Most Isolated House on Earth [22:47] (www.youtube.com)

85. 印尼体育场发生催泪瓦斯,125人死于挤压

125 die in crush after tear gas at Indonesia stadium (www.youtube.com)

86. 博物馆 [34:09]

Museums [34:09] (youtu.be)

87. 马特-贝瑞读了一封来自罗伯特-克鲁姆的真正残酷的信

Matt Berry reads a truly brutal letter from Robert Crumb (www.youtube.com)

88. 纳米比亚的活动人士在几分钟的疯狂行动中解救了七只被垃圾缠绕的开普海豹。

Activists in Namibia free seven Cape fur seals from garbage entanglements in a few minutes of frenzied action. (youtu.be)

89. 陆军厨师如何在战场上为800名士兵提供食物|新兵训练营|商业内幕 [16:47]

How Army Cooks Are Trained To Feed 800 Soldiers In The Field | Boot Camp | Business Insider [16:47] (youtu.be)

90. 在看世界杯之前先看这个! [10:46]

Watch This Before You Watch The World Cup! [10:46] (youtu.be)

91. 平民尝试挪威LRRP SQN [23:02)

Civilian attempts the Norwegian LRRP SQN [23:02] (www.youtube.com)

92. 布鲁斯-斯普林斯廷在麦迪逊广场花园的音乐会上闯入杀手乐队,进行了三首歌曲的对唱。生来就会跑》、《荒地》和杀手乐队的《尘土飞扬的童话》。

Bruce Springsteen crashes The Killers' concert at Madison Square Garden for a three-song duet: Born to Run, Badlands and The Killers' A Dustland Fairytale (youtu.be)

93. #mahsaamini 来自伊朗的消息 [9:07]

#mahsaamini A message from Iran [9:07] (www.youtube.com)

94. [12:30] 美国历史上最糟糕的情报灾难

[12:30] The Worst Intelligence Disaster in US History (youtu.be)

95. 新闻机构对一个网络笑话的公然撒谎 [12:13]

A blatant lie by news agencies about an internet joke [12:13] (www.youtube.com)

96. 滑板咖啡失败

Skateboard coffee fail (www.youtube.com)

97. 在飓风伊恩期间,我设法抓住了我的邻居丢失邮箱的瞬间。暴风雨过后我给他看时,他很高兴。

Managed to catch the moment my neighbor lost his mailbox during hurricane Ian. He got a kick out of it when I showed him after the storm. (youtu.be)

98. 意大利歌手阿德里亚诺-塞伦塔诺(Adriano Celentano)在70年代发布了一首歌,歌词无厘头,旨在听起来像美国英语--证明意大利人会喜欢任何美国歌曲。这首歌很受欢迎。

Italian singer Adriano Celentano released a song in the 70s with nonsensical lyrics meant to sound like American English—to prove that Italians would just love any American song. It was a hit. (twitter.com)

99. 跳石世界纪录--88次跳过[带计数叠加]

Stone Skipping World Record - 88 Skips [with Count Overlay] (www.youtube.com)

100. MADTV - 间谍对间谍 - 第一季 [1995]

MADTV - Spy vs Spy - Season 1 [1995] (youtu.be)

101. 雀巢公司对儿童的战争

Nestlé's War on Children (www.youtube.com)

102. 海豚让大白鲨很忙

Dolphins keeping a Great White shark Busy (youtu.be)

103. 令人不安的人工智能艺术 [20:56] 。

The Disturbing Art of A.I. [20:56] (youtu.be)

104. 不要抱我,我很害怕 (2022) - 格罗顿和霍夫里斯的场景

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (2022) — Grolton & Hovris scenes (www.youtube.com)

105. 巫师3》的 "难忘之夜 "电影。钉子创造了所需的气氛。

"A Night to Remember" Cinematic for The Witcher 3. Nails creating the desired atmosphere. (www.youtube.com)

106. 迪斯尼幻想家们开发出尖端的、自由漫游的机器人演员

Disney Imagineers Develop Cutting-edge, Free-roaming Robotic Actor (www.youtube.com)

107. 把Go Pro扔进神秘的深管中

Dropping Go Pro Down A Deep Mystery Pipe (m.youtube.com)

108. [16:34] 他毁掉了一个小镇以示报复|马文-希梅尔(Killdozer)的案例 (NSFW)

[16:34] He Destroyed a Town in Revenge | The Case of Marvin Heemeyer (Killdozer) (youtu.be)

109. 爱荷华的传说》,一个可播放的塞尔达ROM黑客。

The Legend of Iowa, a playable Zelda ROM hack. (youtu.be)

110. 这家伙正过着他最好的生活

This guy is living his best life (www.youtube.com)

111. 丹尼-冈萨雷斯模仿愚蠢的捉鬼视频 [25:44]

Danny Gonzalez parody of dumb ghost hunting videos [25:44] (www.youtube.com)

112. 美国的导弹防御问题 [17:48]

America's Missile Defense Problem [17:48] (www.youtube.com)

113. 艾薇儿-拉维尼 - 复杂的/第一次拍摄

Avril Lavigne - Complicated / THE FIRST TAKE (www.youtube.com)

114. 世界拉力锦标赛冠军2022是一个22岁的芬兰人,他是有史以来最年轻的冠军。这里是他8岁时的驾驶情况

World Rally Champion 2022 is a 22 y.o. Finn who is the youngest winner ever. Here he's driving at age 8 (www.youtube.com)

115. 什么是超越边缘?[48:06]

What Is Beyond The Edge? [48:06] (www.youtube.com)

116. 8岁的传奇人物 "超级女声 "科迪在费城的一场硬核表演中拿起了话筒(英尺,耶稣片)[2017] 。

8-year-old legend Kodi the Supergirl takes the mic at a Philly hardcore show (ft. Jesus Piece) [2017] (www.youtube.com)

117. 收获90磅GOLDEN蜂蜜

Harvesting 90 Pounds of GOLDEN Honey (youtu.be)

118. [57:51] 塔利班控制下的阿富汗旅游业

[57:51] Tourism In Taliban Controlled Afghanistan (www.youtube.com)

119. 与海军陆战队员打交道 [24:03]

Grappling with Marines [24:03] (www.youtube.com)

120. 从囚禁中释放的逆戟鲸在野外茁壮成长

Orca released from captivity thrives in the wild! (www.youtube.com)

121. 守望先锋》2--一个新的时代

Overwatch 2- A New Era (youtu.be)

122. 是什么阻止了公寓火灾对你的伤害?[17:35]

What STOPS Apartment Fires from Killing You? [17:35] (www.youtube.com)

123. [32:10] 如何制作匈牙利七层蛋糕 "Dobos Torte"?

[32:10] How to make 'Dobos Torte', a Hungarian 7-Layer Cake (www.youtube.com)

124. 塞尔达-时之笛》如何让回溯变得有趣 [8:44]

How Zelda - Ocarina of Time made backtracking fun [8:44] (www.youtube.com)

125. 3个灵媒被BBC主持人揭穿是假的,他在网上植入假的建筑历史。当灵媒假装用他们的第六感看到假历史时,他与灵媒对峙。

3 mediums get outed as fakes by BBC presenter who plants fake history of building online. He then confronts mediums when they pretend to see the fake history using they're 6th sense. (youtu.be)

126. 战争游戏--开场白--"转动你的钥匙,先生!"

War Games - Opening scene - "Turn your key, sir!" (www.youtube.com)

127. 视觉效果危机

The Visual Effects Crisis (www.youtube.com)

128. [17:45] 谁破坏了北溪管道?

[17:45] Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline? (www.youtube.com)

129. 奥维尔》--博尔特斯什么都能吃

The Orville - Bortus can eat anything (www.youtube.com)

130. 纨绔子弟在史诗般的决斗中绝对摧毁了假停车场的小提琴手

Dude absolutely destroys fake parking lot violinists in epic duel (youtu.be)

131. 卡通网络30周年纪念蒙太奇(1992年10月1日-2022年今天)。

A 30th anniversary montage for Cartoon Network (October 1st, 1992 - Today, 2022) (www.youtube.com)

132. 为什么80%的美国人住在这条线的东边 [20:40]

Why 80% of Americans Live East of This Line [20:40] (www.youtube.com)

133. 数到7从来没有这么难过

Counting to 7 has never been so hard (youtu.be)

134. 在弗兰克-劳埃德-赖特的未来办公室工作是什么感觉 [13:36]

What it’s like to work in Frank Lloyd Wright's office of the future [13:36] (www.youtube.com)

135. POV 海岸警卫队的直升机从飓风伊恩手中救人

POV Coast Guard helicopter rescues from Hurricane Ian (www.youtube.com)

136. 坠落物体的致命物理学 - Veritasium ft. 亚当-萨维奇 [22.40]

The Fatal Physics of Falling Objects - Veritasium ft. Adam Savage [22.40] (www.youtube.com)

137. 日本一个公园里的数千朵蜘蛛百合 [9:02]

Thousands of spider lilies in a park in Japan [9:02] (youtu.be)

138. 成为日本偶像的中国战略家 [42:13]

The Chinese Strategist who became a Japanese Icon [42:13] (www.youtube.com)

139. 在钓鱼比赛中被发现作弊

Caught cheating in fishing tournament (youtu.be)

140. 寡头们为何选择伦敦来存放他们的黑钱

Why oligarchs choose London for their dirty money (www.youtube.com)

141. 当非洲人航行于世界时 [18:57]

When African People Sailed the World [18:57] (www.youtube.com)

142. 我用振动的方块重新创造了力量之环 [12:40]

I recreated the Rings of Power with a vibrating square [12:40] (www.youtube.com)

143. 戴夫-史密斯谈MIDI(1997) [6:24]

Dave Smith on MIDI (1997) [6:24] (www.youtube.com)

144. 盖伊利用Playstation Dreams以惊人的精确度再现了《侏罗纪公园》中的T-Rex场景。

Guy recreates the T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park with astonishing accuracy using Playstation Dreams. (youtu.be)

145. 为什么咖啡因会存在?[10:42]

Why Does Caffeine Exist? [10:42] (youtu.be)

146. Doordash司机与因说食物没有送到而被解雇的顾客对峙

Doordash Driver confronts a customer who got him fired for saying food wasn't delivered (youtu.be)

147. 为什么中国不能制造芯片! [12:34]

Why China Can't make Chips! [12:34] (www.youtube.com)

148. 美国海军水兵如何在航空母舰内购物

How US Navy Sailors Shop Inside An Aircraft Carrier (www.youtube.com)

149. 菲尔博士在一个手机游戏的节目广告中采访两位付费演员作为嘉宾

Dr. Phil interviewing two paid actors as guests in an in-show ad for a mobile game (www.youtube.com)

150. 它是如何被制造出来的。世界上最坚硬的伐木靴

How It’s Made: World’s Toughest Logging Boots (youtu.be)

151. 我的同性恋儿子尼克-穆伦 (NSFW)

My gay son Nick Mullen (youtu.be)

152. 在线约会的恐怖 - 当一个年轻女子下载了一个流行的约会应用程序,她发现自己与一个她认为完美的男人交谈。没过多久,面具滑落,露出了一个真正的怪物 [10:00] (NSFW)

Online Dating Horror - When a young woman downloaded a popular dating app, she found herself talking to a man she thought was perfect. It would't be long before the mask slips and reveals a true monster [10:00] (youtu.be)

153. 赛博朋克2077》的悲剧与复出 [25:19]

The Tragedy and Comeback of Cyberpunk 2077 [25:19] (www.youtube.com)

154. 第五元素》。"你是个怪物佐尔格"

The 5th Element: “You’re a monster Zorg” (youtu.be)

155. "老虎的眼睛 "在由牙刷、打字机、eftpos机等组成的设备管弦乐队中演奏。

“The Eye of the Tiger” played on a device orchestra of toothbrushes, typewriters, eftpos machines and more… (youtu.be)

156. Historia Civilis--战争与和平......和战争(公元前35年至32年)。

Historia Civilis - War and Peace ...and War (35 to 32 B.C.E.) (www.youtube.com)

157. YouTube的年龄限制被打破了

YouTube’s Age Restriction is Broken (youtu.be)

158. 短暂的分歧 - Steve Cutts

A Brief Disagreement - Steve Cutts (youtu.be)

159. Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone(1978)

Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone(1978) (www.youtube.com)

160. 史诗般的历史 | HMS Victory: 拿破仑时期的战舰的航行和战斗 [30:18]

Epic History | HMS Victory: Sailing & Fighting a Napoleonic Warship [30:18] (www.youtube.com)

161. 现代基督教保守主义的反劳工起源 [14:16]

The Anti-Labor Origins of Modern Christian Conservatism [14:16] (www.youtube.com)

162. 一个无惧头巾的伊朗年轻女孩正在书写伊朗革命的口号 "妇女、生命、自由"

A young Iranian girl without fear of hijab is writing the slogan of the Iranian Revolution "Woman, Life, Freedom" (twitter.com)

163. [预告片]吉尔莫-德尔-托罗的《奇珍异宝》(Cabinet of Curiosities)。


164. 视觉效果的危机 [20:17]

The Visual Effects Crisis [20:17] (youtu.be)

165. 拯救咖啡的全球斗争内幕 [22:20]

Inside the Global Fight to Save Coffee [22:20] (www.youtube.com)

166. 我们是如何发现吸烟致癌的?[26:50]

How Did We Discover Smoking Causes Cancer? [26:50] (youtu.be)

167. 技术是可怕的

Technology is scary (youtu.be)

168. 美国无人问津的军事焚烧坑 (Vice)

The Military Burn Pits In The US No One Is Talking About (Vice) (www.youtube.com)

169. 看电视有点坏 [42:32]

Bingewatching Is Kinda Bad For TV [42:32] (www.youtube.com)

170. 阿瓦兹的妇女很高兴离开头巾,同时得到男性同行的支持和鼓励。#MahsaAmini #IranRevolution

Women in Ahvaz are happy to leave the hijab while being supported and encouraged by their male counterparts. #MahsaAmini #IranRevolution (twitter.com)

171. 汤姆-斯科特 - 需要引用的资料 8x04 冰雹大炮和大力神行动 [14:23]

Tom Scott - Citation Needed 8x04 Hail Cannons and Operation Popeye [14:23] (www.youtube.com)

172. 俄罗斯航天局宇航员奥列格-阿特米耶夫将国际空间站的指挥权移交给欧空局宇航员萨曼莎-克里斯托弗雷蒂 - 2022年9月28日

Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev handed over command of the International Space Station to ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti - Sept. 28, 2022 (www.youtube.com)

173. 2021年非官方的Rogue Burn VS 2022年的Burning Man

2021 unofficial Rogue Burn VS 2022 Burning Man (www.youtube.com)

174. 疯狂的车祸并不足以杀死牢不可破的先生

Insane Car Crash Not Enough to Slay Mr. Unbreakable (www.youtube.com)

175. 纽芬兰的幽默是最犀利的。独一无二的科德科。

Newfoundland humour at its sharpest. The one and only Codco. (youtu.be)

176. 陌生事物》中的替代场景

Alternate scene in Stranger Things (youtu.be)

177. 特雷弗-诺亚离开《每日秀》节目

Trevor Noah Leaves The Daily Show (www.youtube.com)

178. 可能是我最喜欢的南方公园剧集的结局。

Probably my favorite ending to a South park episode. (youtu.be)

179. 来自 "保留地的狗"。威利-杰克去监狱看望她的姨妈,以获得一些指导。

From "Reservation Dogs": Willie Jack visits her aunt in prison to get some guidance (www.youtube.com)

180. 掌掴尤达

Slapping Yoda (www.youtube.com)

181. 第五频道Alex Jones访谈 [18:04]

Channel 5 Alex Jones Interview [18:04] (www.youtube.com)

182. 凯西-奈斯特的车被偷了

Casey Neistat’s Car Was Stolen (youtu.be)

183. 棕色;颜色很奇怪 [21:14]

Brown; color is weird [21:14] (youtu.be)

184. 我发现水管爆裂毁坏我家的确切时刻(声音开启) (NSFW)

The exact moment I found a burst pipe destroying my home (sound on) (youtu.be)

185. 关于测试筛查的真相 [6:02] 。

The Truth About Test Screenings [6:02] (www.youtube.com)

186. 伙同他人购买老虎机以计算出需要旋转多少次才能击中大奖的问题

Guy Buys Slot Machine To Figure Out How Many Spins It Takes To Hit The Jackpot (youtu.be)

187. 安东尼-布尔丹谈女佣和洗衣房 (NSFW)

Anthony Bourdain on maids and laundry (twitter.com)

188. 飓风 "伊恩 "的眼墙内的情况

Inside The Eyewall Of Hurricane Ian (youtu.be)

189. 休-蒙格斯(原创视频)

Hugh Mungus (Original Video) (www.youtube.com)

190. 米拉-库尼斯在离开吉米-金梅尔时痛斥将她误认为梅根-福克斯的签名商

Mila Kunis Calls Out An Autograph Dealer Who Mistakes Her For Megan Fox While Leaving Jimmy Kimmel (youtu.be)

191. 库里奥的第一首大作--《神奇之旅》。

Coolio's 1st big hit - Fantastic Voyage (youtube.com)

192. 大卫-布莱恩边吃辣鸡翅边表演魔术

David Blaine Does Magic While Eating Spicy Wings (youtu.be)

193. 互联网历史学家关于男子被困在猛犸象洞穴的报道

Internet Historian about Man trapped in Mammoth Caves (www.youtube.com)

194. 寻找Yeezus--由唐娜阿姨制作的新网络系列,调查Kayne Quest 3030游戏以及它与邪教的神秘联系。

Finding Yeezus - a new web series produced by Aunty Donna, investigating the Kayne Quest 3030 game and it's mysterious links to a cult (youtu.be)

195. 魔术师约翰逊安慰艾滋病毒呈阳性的女孩 (1992)

Magic Johnson comforts girl who’s HIV positive (1992) (www.youtube.com)

196. "怪人 "阿尔-扬科维奇--阿米什天堂(官方模仿 "匪徒的天堂")。

"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise (Official Parody of "Gangsta's Paradise") (youtu.be)

197. 阿拉伯的奴隶市场 (1964) (NSFW)

Slave Market in Arabia (1964) (www.youtube.com)

198. 资本主义是地球的癌症。趁现在还不晚,赶紧行动吧!|乔治-蒙比奥特 [5:19]

Capitalism is the Planet’s Cancer: Operate Before it’s too Late | George Monbiot [5:19] (youtu.be)

199. 法庭上的仁慈和一些充满感情的场景 [5:54] 。

Kindness in the courtroom and some emotionally charged scenes [5:54] (www.youtube.com)

200. 为什么1/137是物理学中最伟大的未解决的问题之一?| 宇宙空间 [15:37] 。

Why Is 1/137 One of the Greatest Unsolved Problems In Physics? | PBS Space Time [15:37] (www.youtube.com)